Day: November 15, 2019


P.R. Satheesh | “Frenetic”

To view P.R. Satheesh’s large-scale, often multi-panel paintings, is to be overwhelmed by the unbridled currents of his pigment and his heightened sense of colour. There is fluidity and spontaneity in his application of throbbing blue-greys, acid yellows and luminous […]

Untitled,1925, watercolour heightened with body colour on paper

Realism & Fantasy |Rustom Siodia

Art history is constantly in a state of flux as careers and legacies are seen anew by the fresh eyes of successive generations. This is especially true in the case of South Asia. Most recently, the conversation in the region […]

Matthew Krishanu Boys on a Rock, 2018

Alchemical painting|Matthew Krishanu and Sosa Joseph

A preoccupation with people, more than their painterly aesthetic, starts an intriguing conversation between Matthew Krishanu and Sosa Joseph. Beyond their shared affinity for broad brushstrokes, translucent layers of colour and washed out hues is their inquisitive nature. With something […]

Yim Maline | Decomposition | Graphite, charcoal & ink on cardboard | 25 x 28 in | 2016

Out of Line |Tracing Abstraction Within Contemporary Art in Cambodia

Curated by Erin Gleeson OUT OF LINE considers abstraction in the practices of ten artists born in Cambodia between 1933-1990 through conversations between the deviant and fecund potentials of its title. “Out of line” signals someone or something out of […]


Group Exhibition: Narrow Road to the Interior

Of the poem, poet Henry Taylor says, ‘A poem is an arrangement of lines whose length is determined by some principle other than the width of the page.’ One can say the same thing about the sketch or the painting, […]

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