A Message From The Trees

A Message From The Trees

An exhibition that brings together group of well known artists, that the Gallery has worked with in the past and have these artists, known to possess the inherent ability to magically transform simple subjects like the trees to a sacred being, this they can achieve by approaching their work with a unique language of their own, a diligence, their unique tribal legends adding a mystical hue or may be a tone seeped in their rich heritage or the knowledge of mythology.

All artists in this show belong mainly to the Gond tribal community, barring, one, being Abhishek Singh, a master story teller and an illustrator artist, with an exceptional talent of relating stories from the Hindu Mythology.

The artists are all strongly connected to the trees, making them in a way a messenger for the trees , sensitizing them to the environment around us an to respect the importance of trees. This is evident from their elaborate, detailed depiction of trees that are symbolic of the messages or stories that their work unfolds.

In 2018, Master storyteller Abhishek Singh conducted a live drawing session in Delhi and created this work which was an ode to nature and talks about the importance of the environment and the necessity and urgency to preserve the same employing his unique storytelling style combined with mythology and ecological issues. The artwork measures 72″ by 180″ (6 feet by 15 feet).

Trees being the focus of this show, and various indigenous artists that use it so extensively to express themselves, inspired us to plan another show.

This show mainly discusses the different techniques and depictions by this group of artists giving the spectators an insight into a fresh perspective with each artist.

In August 2019, we are planning an exhibition with the same theme and we invite Gond Artists to participate in this exhibition with stories on nature, trees, and magical animals and beings.

Known for presenting thought provoking and ground breaking exhibits, Anubhav Nath, Director, Ojas Art Gallery is presenting the show Message from the Trees, an exhibition of paintings relating to trees, that discuss age-old Gond tribal legends, and celebrate some of our mythological beliefs from the past.

This exhibition opens on the 2nd August, 2019 will host works by Artists: Bhajju Shyam, Mayank Shyam , Ram Singh Urveti , Durga Bai & Subhash Vyam and Abhishek Singh.

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