Valentines Day: 10 Works Of Medieval Indian Art Depicting Emotions Of Love

The emotion of love has always been a subject of artistic expression across time and place. Same has been the case with the art of India where this sublime feeling has been timelessly interpreted and depicted spanning antiquity to the contemporary era. Miniatures painting from different stylistic schools from across India are the ones where the romantic theme has captured the most attention.

14 shades of love in modern and contemporary Indian art

With artists of many generations bringing alive the emotion in different styles, forms, mediums, and visual language, a wide oeuvre of Indian art has been there to observe. And while often it is the miniatures from the middle era which captures the fancy of the audiences, the modern and contemporary Indian art is not devoid of such intimate utterances in the ‘matters of heart.’

Satish Gujral: Aesthetics of silence

Witnessing the trauma, sheer brutality, absolute insensitivity and degradation of human respect during Partition, when he along with his father helped people cross over to