Satish Gujral: Aesthetics of silence

Witnessing the trauma, sheer brutality, absolute insensitivity and degradation of human respect during Partition, when he along with his father helped people cross over to India, never left his mindscape. So, when artist Satish Gujral, who passed away on Thursday […]


Nikhil Chopra and the recipe of magic

He says magic always happens in slippages and place in between things. Breaking expectations, tying a tight rope across a space, conceptually is what is most important for him. And then, walking that line between sky and earth, between gravity […]


Behold South Asia at India Art Fair 2020

With the 12th edition of one of Indias biggest art events, India Art Fair, opening next Thursday, art lovers in the capital are in for a four-day treat. Showcase 81 exhibitors spanning 20 global cities, discover modern and contemporary art […]


Dhruvi Acharya and the art of dealing with loss

The works are in different stages of being mounted. Even as the paintings with multiple layers start occupying their destined spaces on the walls, it’s hard not to miss the bubbles and the texts on different canvasses, the figurative language […]


American-Indian artist upcycles trash to art

‘What others see as trash, I see as art, is the philosophy that drove American-born artist Christina Banerjee to create artworks from discarded objects like metal wires, nuts, and bolts, rusted keys, and horseshoes. Banerjee, a fine arts graduate from […]

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