I don’t think about who is at top and who isn’t: Subodh Gupta

One of the most expensive contemporary Indian artists, whose work ‘Banyan Tree’, a life-size sculpture made from stainless steel, is permanently displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, Gurugram-based Gupta insists that he never thinks about who is at top and who is not.

Sachin George Sebastian: The Paper Engineer

For Bangalore-based artist Sachin George Sebastian, whose latest show, ‘Once, there was a seed’ at currently on view at Vadehra Art Gallery in the capital, the fascination for the medium started when he came across a pop-up book in a second-hand book store in Bangalore.

The constant Phoenix: GR Iranna

With works like ‘Dissolving Tree’, ‘The Fragrance of Invisible Flowers’, ‘The Final Yield’ and bronze sculptures of tree logs and branches on display, the artist stresses that ash is much more than a medium.

Sometimes, people don’t have a choice but to resist, says Shilo Shiv Suleman

Contemporary artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, founder of ‘The Fearless Collective’ that engages with gender issues and art for social change says that in the post-pandemic world when our lives have become isolated and separations pronounced — between classes and people with different political ideologies — those on the margins have become even more marginalized.