Home: A Dwelling

Home: A Dwelling

Curated by Sanjana Shah

The notion of ‘home’ and its meaning in people’s lives is subjective and multi-layered. Though the word is dictionary defined as being “a place where one lives permanently”, this definition is both limiting and assumptive. Home can definitely be that, but it can also be much more or even perhaps much less in people’s lives. The home plays a crucial role in providing its inhabitant with a deeper experience of connection and emotion, subsequently creating memory. In many ways it builds an essential concept of the self. These experiences are human and trigger a different reaction in each individual: reactions stemming from love, nostalgia, pain, loss, anger, longing, happiness, melancholia and a mix of other feelings. The memories associated and the feelings evoked, create an identity of oneself that is closely knitted to the place we come from, the place that is truly home to us.

This then begs the question: how much of your home is you and how much of you is your home?
Made even more relevant during Covid times, when people are confined to their houses, this show explores the expressions of a group of varied artists who are inspired by personal impressions of what has been ‘home’ to them. Without any limitation of medium, style, age or ethnicity, the show will allow for the free interpretation of oneself through this exploration. I hope that this exhibition can highlight important questions related to anthropology and social psychology, like that of the consequences of immigration, the idea of ones ‘roots’, the impressions of landscapes and cultures, aspirational symbols of security and stability, and the inherent need for love and belonging, wherever one may find that

Participating Artists
Arunashu Chowdhury
Heeral Trivedi
K R Santhananakrishnan
Kisalay Vora
Madan Pawar
Prajakta Palav
Ashish Kushwaha
Priyanshi Shah
Purvi Parmar
Neeraj Singh Khandka
Shruti Richa Sharma

Text and photos: Tao Art Gallery

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