Mirrored Questions|Balaji Ponna|Anni Kumari

Mirrored Questions|Balaji Ponna|Anni Kumari

Balaji Ponna

God may not follow you. But the dog will
Watercolour and soot, dry pastels on acid free pap
29 x 19 Inches Inches 2019 .

This series of works follow my continuing engagement with what may be called as ‘human-escapes’. It is also the outcome of my concerns and comments about the existing society. This series for me is the mirror of our dystopic times. With hatred and treachery becoming a norm of the day, the hope for a better life fades into the oblivion. There will be still a future, but the question is how it is going to be. The harbingers of change are dark and the visions blurred in searching the humanity. What is last left are the traces and adages of truths which can only be retold?

Anni Kumari

What We Leave Behind is What We Inherit
Acrylic on Canvas 48 x 41 Inches Inches 2019

The current series of works is a conversation about displacement and migration, both on a personal as well as sociological level. I have reflected upon the experience of having migrated and lived in three different geographies of Tatanagar, Delhi, and Rishikesh. The observations about how our relationship with the natural and built environment is replete with contradictions, complexities and vulnerabilities are expressed in the form of paintings and mix-media works on paper. The comparative transitions from the industrial town of Tatanagar, to the metropolis of Delhi and to the foothills of The Himalayas has allowed me to focus on the in-between phases of association and disassociation.

Text and photos: Art District XIII. The exhibition is on view from July 20- August 30, 2019.

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