Serendipity announces visual, performing arts grantees

Serendipity announces visual, performing arts grantees

The Serendipity Arts Foundation on Thursday announced the grantees of their first annual grants for 2019-2020 in six categories of visual and performing arts. For the visual arts research grant, which supports research initiatives in the arts discourse around South Asia, the grantee is Pinaki Ranjan Mohanty. This year, it focuses on new media art in India, post-liberalisation.

A similar grant in performing arts has been given to George Pioustin.The residency travel grants help professionals attend a residency in India or abroad. For visual arts, the grantee is Sarah Naqvi, and for choreography, Aseng Borang. The Foundation will also support the documentation of a work of performance art, for which Sridhar Balasubramanium has been awarded a grant.

An all-encompassing category of grant supports attending an arts residency as well the creation of a new theatre piece, along with research and documentation of projects within the visual and performing arts. It has been given to Aruna Ganesh Ram and Firos Khan.The grants amount to a total of Rs 8.75 lakh. These grants enable artists an opportunity to develop their craft, help them gain global exposure and reach wider audiences, the Foundation said.

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