Serendipity Arts Foundation invites culinary arts practitioners for “Food Lab” residency

Serendipity Arts Foundation invites culinary arts practitioners for “Food Lab” residency

The Serendipity Arts Foundation has opened applications through an open call for culinary arts practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts from across the country for “Food Lab”, Serendipity Arts Foundations residency on Culinary Arts.

According to the arts and cultural development foundation, the residency will induct two culinary arts practitioners for the upcoming edition of the residency. The residency is a three-month programme based out of New Delhi.

Globally, food is one of the areas which have glaring inequality, both in terms of consumption and access. It is subjected to various norms and has wide range of social, cultural and environmental indicators, creating both positive and negative impact. However, in a country like India, where food histories and traditions are immeasurable, it is important to focus and develop sustainable practices and conservational habits.

For this year’s residency, two residents will be invited through an open call to think about the power of food, and all aspects associated with it through the Food Lab. The residency will cover and address a variety of subjects, such as, Food Origins/History; Food Inequality/Sustainability; Food Policy; Food and Culture/Traditions, Nutrition, Food Writing and even Food Design, and other relevant and related topics within this area of inquiry.

Expected to span over a 3-month period, the Food Lab will run as a hybrid residency model which is part virtual and part physical, if conditions permit.

People can apply for this residency programme by submitting a 500 words proposal clearly stating the intent of the project and the envisioned outcome of the residency, along with a brief bio and supporting information about the work done in the domain, by June 30.

Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Foundation and Festival says, “We are keen to keep the outcome of the residency as flexible as possible and invite residents to think about creative and experimental ways in which they can present their work. As a Foundation, we have always believed in creating platforms and opportunities for the arts and the artists of the South Asian Region, and with such initiatives, we hope to empower creative expressions from the region, in a recurring manner”.

Addressing the mass physical immobility caused due to Covid-19, she added, “Given current circumstances, although we hope to be able to showcase the work physically, we encourage residents to think about the ways in which their projects can be presented virtually as well.”

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