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The Wonder Journal – Utkarsh Makwana

Utkarsh Makwana is on a quest to translate everything from his mind to the paper. His paintings often come across as a note-taking journal, where interesting anecdotes are jotted down to form a distinct narrative.Through his paintings, he questions the […]


Mirrored Questions|Balaji Ponna|Anni Kumari

Balaji Ponna This series of works follow my continuing engagement with what may be called as ‘human-escapes’. It is also the outcome of my concerns and comments about the existing society. This series for me is the mirror of our […]


Skin|The Finer Nuance

The human skin is our portal to the world outside and our sheet of protection against it as well. It is not an innocent category rather it is coded with years of colonial history and entrenched within the beauty myth. […]


A-Part: Stories of Lands & Lines

The exhibition comprises of the works of eight artists from the north eastern part of India including Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Tripura. India’s North-East is immensely diverse in many ways, and the prime source of local identity […]


A Message From The Trees

An exhibition that brings together group of well known artists, that the Gallery has worked with in the past and have these artists, known to possess the inherent ability to magically transform simple subjects like the trees to a sacred […]


Like The Air I Breathe |Bakula Nayak

A self-confessed stubborn romantic, Bakula Nayak noses out the magic stifled in the everyday and elevates the mundane into something bright, dreamy and unique through her art. With an undergraduate degree in architecture and an MS in Communication Design from […]


K.G.Subramanyan |An Exhibition Of his Oxford Drawings

Kalakriti Art Gallery in collaboration with The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata brings to Hyderabad an exhibition showcasing exquisite works by renowned and eminent artist, K.G. Subramanyan done in the year 1987-88 while he was at Oxford. Painter, sculptor, […]


At Home in the Universe

For those attuned to it, in recent years Tantra as an idea and a way of being in the world has been steadily gaining currency in contemporary artistic practice. Insofar as it is possible to offer a crystalised definition of […]


Russi Taylor, the voice behind Minnie Mouse, passes away

Russi Taylor, Disney’s official voice of Minnie Mouse for more than three decades, has died, the entertainment giant announced Saturday, reported BBC. She was 75. Taylor, who was prone to giggles just like the character she voiced, captured the heart […]

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