Photographs from India at exhibition in Milwaukee

In her first solo exhibition dedicated to photography, Milwaukee-based painter and printmaker Jan Serr is presenting exhibition, Jan Serr: A Painter’s Photographs of India at The Warehouse Museum in Milwaukee. By beast and by bus, the artist purposefully and spontaneously […]


Mumbai museum to exhibit art mediums pre-dating canvas

Much before painting began on canvas, India had the traditional practice of making art on materials including paper, wood, cloth, mica and glass. An upcoming exhibition by the Piramal Museum of Art explores these pre-existing artistic traditions. The museum, in […]


Japan through lens of Indian photographers

Amateur Indian photographers have captured Japanese shrines, Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms and the busy life of the Japanese for the fifth edition of the Japan Photo Contest ‘The Click’, organised by the Embassy of Japan. The top three photographs, along […]


An exhibition depicting various aspects of relationships

Human bodies and expressions are the focal points of an ongoing group art exhibition at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi. Dubai-based artist Yamini Mohan, whose charcoal-on-paper works depict intertwined masculine and feminine bodies, shows various sides of relationships […]


Serendipity announces visual, performing arts grantees

The Serendipity Arts Foundation on Thursday announced the grantees of their first annual grants for 2019-2020 in six categories of visual and performing arts. For the visual arts research grant, which supports research initiatives in the arts discourse around South […]



দুই • dui, Naeem Mohaiemen’s solo exhibition at Experimenter Hindustan Road in Kolkata makes new links between two works which first appeared in a journal (Volume Eleven), and in Bengali (Baksho Rohoshyo). In Volume Eleven (flaw in the algorithm of […]


Mirrored Questions|Balaji Ponna|Anni Kumari

Balaji Ponna This series of works follow my continuing engagement with what may be called as ‘human-escapes’. It is also the outcome of my concerns and comments about the existing society. This series for me is the mirror of our […]


Skin|The Finer Nuance

The human skin is our portal to the world outside and our sheet of protection against it as well. It is not an innocent category rather it is coded with years of colonial history and entrenched within the beauty myth. […]


A-Part: Stories of Lands & Lines

The exhibition comprises of the works of eight artists from the north eastern part of India including Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Tripura. India’s North-East is immensely diverse in many ways, and the prime source of local identity […]

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