The Matching Pair vases by British artist and potter Grayson Perry will go on permanent display in the V&A’s world-famous Ceramics Galleries.
Created in 2017 in response to the huge social and political rift caused by Brexit, each vase depicts supporters of Leave and Remain. This major
acquisition from one of the UK’s most celebrated and popular artists goes on display to coincide with the date that Britain was originally scheduled
to leave the EU. The works have been purchased with the support of the Ruddock Foundation for the Arts, V&A Members, Sarah Nichols, the William Brake Charitable Trust and an anonymous donor. Monumental in size, both stand at over a metre-tall and are decorated with sgraffito figures and transfer-printed images. The similarity of the Leave and Remain vases prompted their title, Matching Pair. Perry took a new approach to the creative process of decorating the vases by crowdsourcing ideas, photographs and phrases via social media. Posting videos on Facebook and Twitter, he asked Leave and Remain voters to choose their favourite brands and colours, define Britishness, share pictures of their tattoos and send selfies. Both are finished in a blue glaze – the preferred colour of both sides.